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[01:19:51] Chatroom with the user Sportsman_: #krstarica

[01:20:10] thelittle_thief: is it a martial arts sport?

[01:20:30] Sportsman_: Mma

[01:21:03] [NOTICE Krstarica]: [UserServ] Join the HANGOUT CLUB where you can meet your future girlfriend, boyfriend, friend. Send K to number 4405. Message rate: 64rsd

[01:21:10] thelittle_thief: good in ground game?

[01:21:20] Sportsman_: Good, great

Hi, my name is Marko and I'm a 27 years old guy from Kruševac. I'm currently working as a psychologist. My zodiac sign is Aries. I love sports and I've been training to become an MMA fighter. It has been said that I'm great at the ground game. I'm 196cm tall and I'm rarely using perfumes. I am more keen on all natural. Used to play a guitar and I had a rock band, but nowadays I am more of a solo act. I would like to meet you.

Marko is a made-up online persona born and raised through a compilation of data gathered on Krstarica, a local multipurpose web domain which also includes a chat server based on IRC protocol. I have used a nick name _malilopov_ (the little thief, la petite voleuse), which really explained my intentions in any of the conversations I have started. I was moderately phishing for information from my interlocutors and implementing them to a new person named Marko. After some work on gathering the data, Marko was ready to start his own life in an online environment.