Alter Ego​


My name is Jasminka Krtolica.

I have a son, he is my everything, my little angel and the best soccer player! He is going to be the new Ronaldo, I know it.

I am divorced, because I believe that I deserve more from life than to spend my whole life with just one man.

The main thing that I live by is vortex - the positive energy and good vibrations are what defines your life.

Since my divorce, I mostly interact with man, I deserve to be happy and to have someone who will not put me down, but follow me in my life and treat me like a queen.

I work as a hairdresser, with my best friend, so I have a lot of girlfriends as well.

All I want in my and my son’s life is to be healthy and happy and if you believe it, you will be it.

This audio recording is only in Serbian. It explains the process during the time when I was creating this profile; how I felt and what I thought throughout it.