© Miloš Janjić

Everything is a lie, and nothing holds the whole truth,

therefore, everything is infected with lies.

Lie has short legs,

robbery has short arms.

Every next lie gets easier,

and inside you everything seems to be heavier after the first lie.

When you lie, you steal someone's right for truth,

when you steal, you lie to someone's reality.

Little bit of white lies, little bit of dark lies, and there is a snow on a TV screen,

no signal because of network overload.

After lying, you start to believe

in astrophysics,


miraculous powers,

because you are desprete for comfort and self-justification.

Everyone has stolen something from someone, changed it a bit, lied a bit and named it after oneself.

If you steal from yourself from future,

you lie to yourself from the past.

As much as I pour lies on myself, I stand on the edge between love and hate.

A secret is a tame word dressed in the fur of lies.