© Dusan Savic

                      Is it fresh? – Yes, it is

                         I’ll give you back.

                         See you these days

                         Talk to you later. 

                       I’ll be 5 minutes late. 

                             I love you. 

                       I’ve got a stomach flu

                             I miss you. 

                             I am sorry. 

  Dear neighbors, we apologize for the noise in apartment number 13. 

            I’ll send it until the end of business hours.

                            20% discount

                       I had only two beers. 

                   Other people postpone my life

                     I don’t have spare change. 

                Removes even the stubbornest stains

                    Loose 20 kilos in 10 minutes

              It is because of mine hormonal disorder

                       I love my friends’ art

                      I hit my head on the door

                           Happy marriage

                            Happy family

                             Women’s Day

                             1st of May

                        The Battle of Kosovo

                    Straight man thinks straight.

                          There’ll be a fee.

                  Let’s go to the seaside together.

                   No, leave it, I’ll do it later.

                  Is there a discount for students

                   I am glad to be a part of this. 

                   I’m asking for a friend of mine

                            I forgive you

                               I agree

                       I’ll graduate by October

                       I’ll graduate by November

                       I’ll graduate by April

                       I’ll graduate by June

                           It is delicious

                        Removes dandruff 100%


                                A nun

                          You have my word

                           I am an artist

                           Christ is risen